Does Your Company Have a Long-Term Plan for Remote Work?

Future-back thinking can help leaders set and achieve their new work paradigm so it’s not replacing one dogma with another. Read the full article from Harvard Business Review.

We Need a Rational Approach to Reopening

As business and government leaders look to reopen their economies, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Leaders should apply three principles to what may be the most consequential decision of their careers. Read the full article from Harvard Business Review.





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Leaders, Do You Have a Clear Vision for the Post-Crisis Future?

Whether in times of crisis—like the current COVID-19 pandemic—or in times of relative stability, leading with a vision and articulating a strategic path forward is crucial for long-term business success. Read the full article from Harvard Business Review.

The ‘Big-Event Disruption’ Playbook

The consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and the economic upheaval seem impossible to predict. The right lenses and frameworks can help business leaders navigate today’s turbulence and find opportunities to innovate. Read the full executive briefing.




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The Post-COVID-19 Consumer: What Habits Will — and Won’t — Stick?

Understanding how recent shifts in consumer behavior will play out longer term will better position companies for growth in the recovery. Read our new executive briefing.


Building Senior Team Alignment Virtually

Pandemic-imposed isolation is necessitating virtual collaboration, and corporate executives are not exempt. Applying the right set of alignment strategies, executives can conduct virtual meetings as effectively as in-person meetings – and even reap unique advantages. Read the full executive briefing.

10 Questions for Executives in Uncertain Times

Posing 10 questions can help executives to both zoom out to big-picture implications and zoom in to near-term threats and opportunities. Read the full executive briefing.


Flatten the Curve: Take action to mitigate the economic pandemic

Eight tangible steps companies can take to build resilience and stem the impending economic ramifications of COVID-19. Read the full executive briefing.

Growth Strategy Resilience: Five Questions to Ask to Avoid Overcorrecting in a Crisis

While we don’t know the full extent of the Coronavirus’s business impact, the crisis will highlight a range of longer-term strategy questions that leaders will need to ask. Read the full executive briefing.

On-Demand Webcasts

Innovating During “Big-Event Disruptions”

History shows that “big-event disruptions” can create opportunities for innovation. Watch the on-demand webcast with Scott Anthony and Dave Duncan where they explore how to find the silver lining in today’s environment, here.

Visionary Thinking in Times of Crisis

Watch Mark Johnson, co-founder and senior partner at Innosight, and Innosight partner Josh Suskewicz, cos of the new book Lead from the Future in the on-demand webcast here.

Navigating the COVID-19 Disruption

Watch the on-demand webcast with Scott Anthony about how businesses can manage the immediate crisis, innovate during a downturn and prepare for resurgence here. 

Additional resources for navigating disruption

Lead From The Future: How to Turn Visionary Thinking into Breakthrough Growth

It is impossible to overestimate the gravity of the present Coronavirus crisis. The leaders who manage the day-to-day and lead with a vision and strategic path forward will emerge from the crisis with companies that are stronger and more resilient than they were before.


The Silver Lining: An Innovation Playbook for Uncertain Times

The Silver Lining - Scott Anthony

In today’s brutal economic pandemic, executives must pare costs to the bone while planting and nurturing seeds for tomorrow’s growth. The Silver Lining explains how to master this seemingly impossible challenge.

Learn more and download the chapter “Master Smart Strategic Experiments”
How to Turn Ambiguity Into Opportunity: A New Approach to Strategy Under Uncertainty

We can’t know for sure what the future holds. But we can be certain that the right approach, informed by the right mindsets, guided by the right actions, can help you confidently move forward. 

Surviving Disruption


Disruption is a process that plays out over time, sometimes quickly and completely, other times slowly and incompletely. Clayton Christensen describes a systematic way to chart the path and pace of disruption to fashion a more complete strategic response.

Stay Informed About Stimulus Benefits and Industry Resources Available to You

Find out the stimulus resources available to your organization.

Lead from the Future: How Higher Education Can Overcome Crisis-Induced Backlash Against Online Education

Needless to say, the onrush of the COVID-19 crisis provided limited opportunity for a disciplined approach to reimagining the future of education delivery, write Peter Stokes and Mark Johnson.